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I have lived in the Detroit Lakes area for over 15 years and am originally from Hibbing, MN.  My husband Brian H. and I are both founding members the Midwest Paranormal FIles group.  We've been involved with paranormal investigating since 2010. 

Besides paranormal investigating, my husband and I have volunteered at the Fergus Falls Kirkbride (old State Hospital).  Brian and I have helped give tours with the Friends of the Kirkbride group and helped do security, as well as help the preservation effort to keep the building and others like it standing.  We also enjoy geocaching and camping when we get the chance.  I work with electrical control panels for the water and wastewater industry for a living.

I have been surrounded and intrigued by the paranormal most of my life.  I have always been curious about the paranormal, and this gives me a chance to capture evidence and share our experiences with others. Being a paranormal investigator, I get to learn the history and stories, these locations and "people" have to tell.  I enjoy being part of a group that is here to help others along the way.  Hopefully we can help people further understand any unexplained activity they may be dealing with (paranormal or otherwise) and help ease their minds, always without judgment, and with an open mind.

Someday we will all find out what happens when we are gone from here, but until then, there is so much to explore.  The longer I do this the more I am drawn into the field of the paranormal.  I hope I can help bring peace to those experiencing the unexplained. We get to meet so many great people, and visit such amazing places.  Every investigation is rewarding!


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