ParaCon 2018

8th Annual ParaCon

October 11th (VIP), 12th & 13th

Shooting Star Casino

777 Casino Road, Mahnomen, MN 56557


Tickets go ON SALE Tuesday, September 4th, at 9 a.m.  Follow this link

VIP and 2 Day Pass - $110

2 Day Pass - $75

Rooms are Limited Friday night. Rooms available for Saturday night.

Contact Shooting Star Casino

ParaCon is an all ages show. The casino is very "kid friendly"

We do not put this event on. Shooting Star is in charge of everything.

We have been a part of the Con since the beginning. When they get the list they share it with us, then we share it with you.

Like our Facebook page to stay informed.

Need help, have a question? Check out the FAQ page.


It's official, we will be opening the weekend again. Friday Oct. 12th at 10 am

Complete Lineup 8/30


Saturday Only Austin Amelio - The Walking Dead/Dwight


Steve Gonsalves - TAPS/Ghost Hunters 


Dave Tango - TAPS/Ghost Hunters 


Tory Belleci - Mythbusters, White Rabbit Project


Erin Ryder - Executive Producer, TV host, and explorer. Destination Truth and Chasing UFO's


Jael De Pardo - Destination Truth, Haunted Highway, Fact or Faked


Erin Marie Hogan - Paranormal Entity (2009), Hold Your Breath (2012), and many others


Jordan Ladd - Club Dread, Cabin Fever,  Hostel Part 2, and many many more


Nick Groff: Executive producer / host of Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Adventures, and Ghosts of Shepherdstown


Elizabeth Saint - Ghosts of Shepherdstown


David Schrader – Paracon MC/ Darkness Radio


Grant Wilson – Ghost Hunters/What The Fetch you tube channel

Chip Coffey - Psychic and Medium


John Zaffis – Haunted Collector/Demonology


Nick Redfern - Cryptozoologist/UFO


Loren Coleman - Director International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine



Presentation Schedule

FRIDAY, October 12
10:00am Midwest Paranormal Files, Your Favorite Paranormal Group
11:30am Loren Coleman, Cryptozoologist
1:00pm Jael de Pardo & Erin Rider, Destination Truth/Haunted Highways
2:30pm Dave Schrader, PARACON MC/Darkness Radio
4:00pm Tory Belleci, MythBusters
5:30pm Nick Groff & Elizabeth Saint, Ghost Of Shepherdstown

SATURDAY, October 13
10:00am The Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant & Pub
11:30am Nick Redfern, Cryptozoologist
1:00pm Chip Coffey, Psychic/Medium
2:30pm Grant Wilson, Ghost Hunters
4:00pm John Zaffis, SYFY's Haunted Collector,
5:30pm Steve Gonsalves & Dave Tango, TAPS/Ghost Hunters





jeremy's picture

You're right, nice catch and thank you

I was just reading some of the comments and agree that the line up is pretty weak. If you want people to purchase tickets then you will need to disclose the full line up so we can decide weather to come or not.also glad grant and Steve are coming but they have been coming thete for years so not a big deal anymore. I would love to see the ghost brothers and barri ghai and Chris Fleming and i see there are many that agree. To bad GAC wouldn't come back as well. They brought the crowds into that paracon every year they went.
Take care

jeremy's picture

You're right, I forgot she wasn't already on the list. Thanks

Ok never heard of this person ever

Tory Bellici from Myth busters is also going to be there!!!

More names have been added to the line up on shooting stars web site.. This paracon will be off the hook. Super excited.

Looks like they added a rough schedule for Fri and Sat.!  Also Walking Dead's Dwight is coming. 

jeremy's picture

I've been out of the country, I've got it all updated now, thanks

Is there any room left for Vendors??

(*I know - kinda late, but we just found out about this convention)

jeremy's picture

You would have to contact Shooting Star Casino/Mike Narum. I believe there is a waiting list of people trying to get space.

Is there one-day passes available?  We can only attend on Saturday. 

jeremy's picture

No, they have never sold one day passes.

This year will be our first for this convention.  Just wondering if there are after hours events?  What typically happens after the convention closes for the day?


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The Mustang Lounge will have a band, Slamabama, they are a lot of fun. If country music or smoke isn't your thing, there is another bar. It's smoke free and away from the music. My point is a lot of the talent can be found at both. They are all super friendly and more than willing to do selfies.

Cool, thanks! Sounds like fun :)

Where are the She-Squatchers?  Big draw...

Does ParaCon have anything that goes late night? around 8pm?

jeremy's picture

Everything after 8 happens at the bar(s).