ParaCon 2016 Shooting Star Casino




Oct. 7 - 8

Updated 10/9/16

What a great time. Thank you to everyone that came out to see our presentation.

Dates for next year's ParaCon are October 13, 14 2017.

It's a safe assumption there will be a VIP dinner on the 12th



For tickets and if you're Interested in being a Vendor follow this link to find out how.


MPF opens the event Friday Oct. 7. You won't want to miss this one. We have a great location lined up.

Be sure to like our Facebook page to stay updated. Don't forget to select the "get notifications" under the "Like" button

There will be a VIP night on Thursday. Hang out with the stars without the lines. You get a dinner with a bar.

Vendor booths: Open 11am - 6pm
Presenter booths: Open at noon



Paracon 2016 Presentation Schedule: SUBJECT TO CHANGE

10am - (Yours truly!) Midwest Paranormal Files

11:30am - Chris Fleming

1pm - Loren Coleman

2:30pm - The Palmer House

4pm - Amy Allan

5:30pm - Josh Gates

10am - Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

11:30am - Katrina Weidman

1pm - Stanton Friedman

2:30pm - Twin Cities Paranormal Society

4pm - Johnny Zaffis

5:30pm - Ghost Hunters: Grant Wilson, Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Dustin Pari, KJ McCormick

The schedule and the presenters are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please be patient, please be kind.


ParaCon '16 Line up in the booth area: SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Ghost Adventures

     Zac Bagan

     Aaron Goodwin

     Billy Tolley

Ghost Hunters

     Grant Wilson

     Steve Gonsalves

     Dave Tango

     KJ McCormick

     Dustin Pari

Expedition Unknown- Josh Gates

UFO -Stanton Freidman

Haunted Collector -John Zaffis

Paranormal Researcher -Chris Fleming

The Dead Files – Amy Allan

Paranormal Lockdown – Katrina Weidman

Cryptozoology - Loren Coleman

Walking Dead -Michael Cudlitz

Midwest Paranormal Files

SIM- Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

Twin Cities Paranormal Society   A group out of the cities we have been seen with a time or five has been asked to present as well. You may have seen them before. They have been to the past three Cons.

The Palmer House 


We will keep you informed! As we get the information we pass it along right here.

As always the lineup may change. Don't be surprised when last minute cancelations happen. The Shooting Star has always done a great job of finding great talent to replace them.

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for ParaCon 2016. While we at Midwest Paranormal Files are active participants in Paracon, the event organization and talent coordination remains the responsibility of Shooting Star Casino. We are happy to share suggestions and feedback with our contacts and friends in the Event Center staff and planning committee. Paracon continues to grow and change, and we hope this year will be just as fun and informative as years past!


jeremy's picture

Yes I believe you can. I haven't heard of them refusing people.

Could you bring in someone from Ancient Aliens like Giorgio Tsoukalos?

jeremy's picture

Stanton Friedman is the expert in most matters Aliens. I'm not sure of his stance on some of the ancient alien show, but it would be worth asking him.

You need to have DANIEL RUMANOS as a guest! His paranormal comic-book will be in stores everywhere next year!

When do they usually come out with the line up for the following year?

jeremy's picture

It is usually July before the line up is announced. We all wait in eager anticipation of who we might get to meet next year, and what changes are made.

Hoping they can get the exact same people.for next year.. Everyone was great.. Zak was my favorite I think the ghost adventure crew and josh gates brought in a lot of the casino.. Good guys to invest in coming again for next year .. And let's be honest the girls loved

It is good that I got this article.  The information in this is really useful  about Paracon which I liked. I will like to pass through this to my dad  when will be back from my  cherry blossom bus tours dc through TopBusTours 

John Tenney Josh Gates and of course the cast from ghost hunters

I was wondering if you knew anything yet. Is the ghost adventure crew and Ghost Hunters, Amy Allen with Dead Files. Going to be there this year at the 2017 paracon at the Shooting Star Casino? I have booked my room already. Really hoping that the Ghost Adventure crew and Zak Bagans will be there!!!! That is my main reason for going.

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As soon as we find out, typically June or July, we will post the roster. Keep an eye on our facebook page. All we know is we will back again.

Please bring Walking Dead star Abraham (Michael Cudlitz.)

For the ones who have attended this before, can you tell me is the VIP supper worth the extra cost and what do they serve?

jeremy's picture

You get hors d'oeuvres, salad, and then some kind of big dinner with dessert. For an extra $35 you get a dinner worth $20 or more, a T-shirt worth $15 or so (not sure how much they charge for it), some kind of entertainment during the dinner (price on that is debatable), time to visit and have regular human contact with most of the talent without a booth between you (priceless). Seating is limited, which makes it nice if there is someone in particular you want to visit with. It's by far the best access to the talent booked for both days. Oh, and the best part, we will be there. Come find us and say Hi