Midwest Paranormal Files have conducted investigations from Duluth, MN. to Villisca, Iowa, as well as Northern North Dakota. We are based out of Detroit Lakes, MN, and have been doing this since October 2010. The group uses scientific methods when conducting an investigation with audio, photography and video. If you have a location please fill out this form

Edinburgh Manor, Iowa

As seen at ParaCon 2016. We bring you to the cornfield's of Iowa.
Edinburgh Manor

World's Largest Ghost Hunt Oct. 1st

October just got a lot busier! *UPDATE*

Block Party Sept. 3rd

To all the Local fans out there. We will be volunteering at the Block Party hosted by Brew Ales & Eats DL. The proceeds benefit the Becker County Museum.

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A Fairy Tale for St. Patrick's Day

A Fairy Tale for St. Patrick's Day


Since having a daughter, I have learned more about fairies than I ever dreamed was possible. Fairies change the seasons, you know. They also paint butterfly wings and ladybugs and those little stripes on bumblebees. They build teapots out of acorns. They are born from the magic of a baby's first laugh. How adorable!


At least, that's what Disney would have you believe.


Private Residence April 9

It turns out the next case is a return trip to a small house we investigated 3 years ago.

Happy New Year Investigation

Happy new year, and happy 56th investigation.

Keeping History Alive, Becker County Museum Capital Campaign

A location we have investigated a couple times needs your help. They have always been very nice to us. Letting us go public with the evidence we collected. Given us permission to present on the location at ParaCon. Allowed us to host a Screen Free Week event. Along with help in research. Now it's time to give back to an interesting place everyone can enjoy.

Article posted on Area Voices

Hillary Sloan wrote a very nice article for Area Voices. She wrote about an investigation we did at the Forum office building in Fargo. She wrote one of a 4 part series on Area Voices leading up to Halloween. Here are the links to all of them as they come out.

Private Residence Jan. and May 2015

The homeowner gave us permission to share with you what we caught at the house. Enjoy a curious case at a private residence.


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