Fall Events

Fall Events

October - November

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October 6th


Spend some time After Dark at the Becker County Museum! We will be TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS and leading flashlight tours through the Museum. Midwest Paranormal Files will co-host the tours and share some of their group's experiences in the Museum! After Dark at the Museum is only for participants aged 14 years and up, at parents' discretion. Everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Tickets are available at the Museum. Tickets are $5 each. Space is limited on both tour times, first-requested, first-reserved! Stop into the Museum to purchase tickets and reserve your tour time or call the Museum at 218-847-2938. Tickets are available in-person or over the phone with a credit card.


October 13th and 14th

We are presenting again this year. Friday the 13th at 10am.


October 20 and 21st






Starting from scratch won't be easy, but hearing you scream is worth it. Located in the circle area of the Pine Point Old School and beyond. This is our favorite event and we are happy the Powwow committee decided to keep it going.


November 18th

Come to the Becker County Museum and learn about some of the Local Lore & Legends of our Becker County area! We'll learn about our local bigfoot, local alien encounters, the local Lake Monster, and the Minnesota Ice Man! This is a family-friendly presentation.
This presentation is offered as a free-will donation. Museum admission is free for members, free for all children, and $5 per non-member adult.



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