All the evidence here is edited by the team members. We don't add anything to the evidence. We aren't out to convince anyone. When we edit audio you will hear the original clip unedited, a pause, and a cleaned up clip of just what we heard. When cleaning the audio we use tools to cut down the white noise to make it easier to hear. The video is edited by us as well with nothing added. No fancy tricks, just presenting it the way we found it.


In October 2017, April and June of 2018 we had the privilege of investigating Bonanzaville Pioneer Village of Cass County. It didn't disappoint. ParaCon '18 location

Pine Point 2016 - 2017

This past May we learned that the Old School in Pine Point was going to be torn down, leaving just the circle area. MPF spent one last night walking the old halls and squishy basement floors. That's not all, we also have a couple clips we have been holding onto since October of last year.

Edinburgh Manor, Iowa

As seen at ParaCon 2016. We bring you to the cornfield's of Iowa.
Edinburgh Manor

Private Residence Jan. and May 2015

The homeowner gave us permission to share with you what we caught at the house. Enjoy a curious case at a private residence.

Bena, MN Big Winnie Store

In November of 2014 and March of 2015 the Midwest Paranormal Files investigated the Big Winnie store and RV park located in Bena, MN.

Becker County Museum 2014

A big thanks to the Museum board of directors for letting us bring this to you.

San Haven, ND 2013

We drove for 5 hours to hang out in a horse pasture...with an amazing piece of history

Villisca, Iowa 2011

With a complicated crime history and so many deaths it seemed like a logical place to go.