Mel-Meter Vibe

The Mel Meter Model 8704R-Vibe is an Intelligent microprocessor based instrument.

Boo Buddy

Boo Buddy is a cute, interactive ghost hunting bear

Full Spectrum Camera

Full Spectrum video camera and the Full Spec light to go with it.

IR Camera

Used on nearly all investigations, it's almost a must have.

IR Video Camera

We have had good luck capturing both audio and video evidence

Game Camera

We have had good success with this tool. Expands our abilities in larger places.

8 Channel Digital Video Recorder

The cameras are used to blanket the property to catch any movement, people coming and going, and anything paranormal.

Laser Grid

It's a laser light show every night.

KII meter

The theory is when a spirit gets close the meter will pick up the energy and will light up.


Reads temperature and humidity. Finds the cold spots.