ParaCon 2018

8th Annual ParaCon

October 11th (VIP), 12th & 13th

Rooms are available to reserve

Contact Shooting Star Casino

ParaCon is an all ages show. The casino is very "kid friendly"

We do not put this event on. Shooting Star is in charge of everything.

We have been a part of the Con since the beginning. When they get the list they share it with us, then we share it with you.

Like our Facebook page to stay informed.

Need help, have a question? Check out the FAQ page.


These people have said they are coming this year

Steve Gonsalves - TAPS/Ghost Hunters

Loren Coleman - Director International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine






Do you have vendor booth rental information yet?
Thank you!

jeremy's picture

You will have to contact Shooting Star Casino. They take care of everything. Try this number (800) 453-7827. We wont have any information until early summer. Once we get it we will post it here and facebook for sure.


Can't book rooms yet for Paracon 2018...everything is blacked out starting in Oct.  I also noticed it's not on our Thanksgiving weekend anymore. (Canadian).

jeremy's picture

It's still the second weekend of October. To bad about the holiday though. I believe if you call you can book rooms. I know others who have. I wouldn't think they are sold out yet.

Will they still have Paracon 8 even after the Celebrities got stiffed and were never paid?

jeremy's picture

We haven't heard anything to say they won't. There are plenty of other agencies that handle the same people and hopefully some new faces. If it ever gets canceled we will make an announcement.

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