ParaCon 2017


October Friday the 13th, and 14th

VIP night with the stars on the 12th

Get your rooms at

UPDATE 10/11

Tickets on sale now

$75 for the 2 day pass

$110 for VIP night and the 2 day pass

*VIP is sold out*

Follow this link to get yours!

ParaCon is an all ages show. The casino is very "kid friendly"

We do not put this event on. Shooting Star is in charge of everything.

We have been a part of the Con since the beginning. When they get the list they share it with us, then we share it with you.

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Presentation Schedule

Friday, October 13:
10:00 a.m. - Midwest Paranormal Files
11:30 a.m. - Travis Walton
1:00 p.m. - Loren Coleman, Cryptozoologist
2:30 p.m. - The Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant & Pub

4:00 p.m. - Tory Belleci - MythBusters
5:30 p.m. - Steve Gonsalves & Dave Tango, Syfy's Ghost Hunters

Saturday, October 14:
10:00 a.m. - Johnsdale Paranormal Group, LLC.
11:30 a.m. - Grant Wilson, Ghost Hunters
1:00 p.m. - The Klinge Brothers & Everyday Paranormal
2:30 p.m. - Psychic Medium Dean McMurray
4:00 p.m. - Josh Gates, SyFy's Destination Truth - Official Page & Travel Channel's Expedition Unknown
5:30 p.m. - Jason Hawes/TAPS and Samantha Hawes / TAPS, Syfy's Ghost Hunters



Starring    Click on the names to go to their Facebook page.


Midwest Paranormal Files


Johnsdale Paranormal Group



Friday Only

 Chad L. Coleman  -  The Walking Dead, Roots, The Wire, Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Saturday Only

Ghost Adventures Cancelled





Ghost Hunters

Jason Hawes

Grant Wilson

Samantha Hawes

Steve Gonsalves

Dave Tango



Loren Coleman


Ghost Lab

The Klinge Brothers


UFO Incident

Travis Walton


Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates


Gallery Reading

Dean McMurray - Psychic Medium


Mythbusters/White Rabbit Project

Tory Belleci


Local Haunt from Sauk Centre

Palmer House - With Kelley Freese (Owner)

Check out the evidence we caught on our two visits back in 2011



Line up is subject to change


Laurie Stimpson - Psychic Medium
Jibbs J. Kent/Author & Artist
Bonnie Bee Readings
Cheers Jewelry
MN GhostBox
Things That Go Bump MN
Enchanted Boutique
New Moon Mystic/Thistlewytch
2 Guys in The Know
Awakenings...Gifts and Guidance for the Soul
Anoka Paranormal Investigations
Crystal Rock
Psychic Medium Tiffany Johnson
Thyme For Angels & Let's Get Stones
Sacred Designs by Spirit
Peaceful Heart
Paranormal Gadgets/Consultants/Sylvia's Attic
Unveiled Paranormal Research Society
Fringe Fotography
Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota
Twin Cities Paranormal Society
Readings by Renee
Earthway Gifts
C.A.T. Paranormal of Minnesota
My Spirit Experience
Tarot by Onae
Kelly's Kollectibles

Vendor Booths: SOLD OUT


Shooting Sar Casino has a new dining option this year.



I wanted to ask when the Shooting Star Casino will release more information about 2017 Paracon like the guests/ other paranormal teams also attending Paracon. I hope you can get back to me soon :)

jeremy's picture

We are eagerly waiting as well. I would guess early July since tickets generally go on sale in August. As soon as we get the list we will be posting on our facebook page as well as updating this page.

How much do tickets cost??

jeremy's picture

2016 price. This has been the price for the past few years.

2-Day Presentation Pass $65
VIP Pass $100 - includes 2-Day Pass + VIP Dinner

Just wondering what the delay would be with them.releasing the line up.. It has never been this late

jeremy's picture

We were told it will be soon. Look for it to come out the first week of August. Definitely before the 14th ticket sale date.

Do you know if Ghost Adventures might be coming to paracon in October at the shooting star Casino???

jeremy's picture

Just on Saturday

If Ghost Adventures are only coming on the 14th does that mean there not coming to the VIP dinner?

jeremy's picture

They typically don't fly in until the night before. I would guess it won't change this year. VIP is still fun with all the other talent around to mingle with.

Is the shooting star casino going to redo their list. So other people will know that Grant Wilson will be there at paracon? So Excited that he will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

jeremy's picture

There will probably be other changes as well. We will.just have to be patient.

Not the VIP tickets but the regular $65 tickets. Is there a certain limit they are selling until they're out. So basically do we need to buy our tickets ASAP before they run out? I know on the 14th they start selling them. So a friend of mine wants to go but she will know for sure at the end of August maybe the first part of October if she will be able to go. Will it be too late for her to buy them?

jeremy's picture

I don't think they have sold out...or if they can. Your friend should be safe. Following the event page on facebook  and our facebook page should give you any warning before that happens.

So somebody just made a comment on the shooting star Casino Facebook page. They said that Amy Allan was not going to be at the paracon 2017???
They said they talked to Amy on Twitter and she said they made a mistake?? Is this true.

jeremy's picture

Expect a few changes to the line up. It happens every year. I can't find anything to say "yes it's true" or "no it's not". One year the GA crew bailed a week before and they brought in 4 different people to take their place. Linda Blair was one of the substitutions. Grant Wilson says he will be there according to Twitter as well. We will just have to wait and see.

just wondering why you guys have the list of people coming but the shooting star website doesn't have them listed yet?

jeremy's picture

Shooting Star has an event page on Facebook - ParaCon2017 - Link -  They post the lineup on the event page before the website. Likely because the first list to come out usually goes through some changes. They send us a list with the instruction to wait until they go public first.

Wow the Tickets went up!!!!!!
From $65.00 to $75.00 ??????????
They still haven't listed Grant Wilson??? And they still have Amy Allan on there and she says she's not coming???
Almost thinking about waiting to buy tickets. Until they get the list right. My main reason for going is to see Ghost Adventures. The others will be an extra bonus. But I would sure like to know for sure who I am going to be able to see. Especially when you travel 8 hours to get there. They are making it a little confusing this year??????????

jeremy's picture

The ticket price has been the same for quite a few years now. They were bound to go up eventually. I'm sure the cost of the talent has gone up slightly each year. They probably won't update the list till it gets closer to the event. The line up always changes slightly and it's hard to say what goes on behind the scenes. Every year has been this way.

I'm excited for this year. I've been coming to it sense 2012. But looking at the list, Its shorter then years past. Have they just not posted everyone or have they made cuts?

jeremy's picture

We don't get the proper information to answer your question. With the increase in ticket price, I would think that certain "talent" has increased their fees as well. It might just be the best for the buck instead as many as we can get for this price. Thanks for being a regular.

Can someone provide the full schedule that includes specific times of events and guest appearances/meet and greets?  When do the doors open/close?  Do events go on into the evening and night?  We are trying to plan our trip to Paracon and a schedule would be a HUGE help.  Thanks!

jeremy's picture

In the past the first presentation starts around 10 or 11am. The last one is at 6pm. They run an hour long with a half hour in between. The doors to banquet rooms filled with experts (famous and local) opens either at 10 or 11. In the banquet room you can walk around and meet and greet everyone, get your stuff signed, chat, and take selfies with the stars. There are a long list of vendors to shop with as well. GA and Chad Coleman will have a long line since they are only there one day. Everyone else usually has plenty of time to visit with. After 6 the doors close and you can find a lot of them in the casino bars. Hope this helps. They haven't released the presentation schedule yet. When they do we will post it here, and on Facebook.

When do they update who is going. I am aware that Amy Allen and Jason hawes are not attending this year

jeremy's picture

It will be closer to the events date. I haven't heard about Jason yet. There is also a TBA on the schedule. The lineup is always subject to change. I don't recall a year it hasn't. They always seem to get quality people to replace the ones that can't make it.

What time do we need to be there for the VIP dinner? And where do we meet? How many people do you expect to be there? We are driving a long way. Just didn't want to be late if there will be a long line to get in. Very excited about this!!!!

jeremy's picture

The social hour starts at 6pm and the dinner is at 7. I believe they sell 100 tickets to the VIP dinner. They move through the line fairly quickly. Head to the banquet room/concert area. It will be on the left side of the main entrance to the casino. It's marked pretty good.

Never been to paracon before but me and friend want to see Zak and crew but with it only being 3 weeks away think they could still bail or do u think the line up will be as listed now since the event is so close. Also the hotel is all booked now

jeremy's picture

There is a good chance they will be there. They have canceled a week before one other time though. If they cancel they will get replacement people brought in. There is also still a TBA in the schedule. The line up can change, but i think in large part it will stay as is at a minimum. Detroit Lakes, MN is a half hour away with plenty of hotels at various prices.

I find it a tad frustrating trying to plan weather or not to book a long trip to this convention when they cannot confirm a line up. As much as you keep saying they replace with other people.. Some people.come.down to.see certain people then book time off book rooms however knowing Line up people can back out a week before. Shooting star should look into securing people before releasing the line up.

jeremy's picture

I completely understand your frustration. It's really not Shooting Stars fault. They book the talent through an agency. The talent is responsible for upholding the deal. Quite often a scheduling conflict comes up. They get sick, or in Josh Gates case, covered in poison oak while out adventuring among other reasons. In Amy Allan's case, which is the only cancellation so far this year, she changed agencies and isn't honoring her previously arranged appearances. They have added Grant Wilson and Tory from Mythbusters. The lineup is subject to change because sadly we are dealing with humans. Humans who live busy lives and when a producer says "You need to go to a weird little island Oct. 13" you have to go. Shooting Star is just as frustrated as you when these cancellations happen. It's just unavoidable, sorry.

So since we are a week before this event do you think it's safe to say the line up will stay the same. The face book site has a comment that rumor is Zak and crew not attending but they are still listed. Find it strange that Zak has not confirmed on his twitter he is attending. I have made a lot of arrangements to come this year and see the GAC so would like to hope that a week prior to this event the individuals who are putting this on have conformed their line up and are not using false advertising to get people into the casino. I agree with the comment before they should really do this different do us busy people can arrange our lives and come see them

jeremy's picture

There really is know way to know for sure. The GAC crew have cancelled with very little warning before. Instead we got Patrick Doyle from Ghost Mine, Loren Coleman the cryptozooligist and Lynda Blair. I hope for your sake and the bunch of others that they do honor their contaract and show up.

When can u confirm that GAC is going? If they do not end up going are tickets refundedable?

jeremy's picture

If there is any changes to the line up Shooting Star Casino (who puts this on) will post the change. You will have to ask Shooting Star about refundable tickets. I will say there are a lot more people to see than just GAC to make it worth your while. Groups like us...who actually share evidence and will take time to visit with you.

Im sure you guys are great but let's be honest.. The GAC bring in a lot of people to this event and as much as they "bring in more talent" a lot of people don't care to see those people and wanna see see Zak and crew cause they are big on Tv and wanna meet them. I would like to hope that if they weren't going, the shooting star would know by now and remove them from the list so us people don't waste our time going as they are the ones we wanna see. This will def be the last year I attend this as planning this has been not so fun knowing the line up can change at anytime.. Even days before now. So as much as we are all in the dark the way they do this and cannot confirm a line up for us "fans" of all the people listed is not good at all. I know its hard cause these people are busy but so are we who are going .

I 100% AGREE WITH allissa!!!
Not happy at all!!!
And I live 10 hours of way. And yes I have a busy life too!! But I wouldn't cancel two days before an event!!!

How did they know in advance the ghost adventures @josh gates wasnt going to show up? Because signs were already printed???

jeremy's picture

Josh Gates was last minute travel problem cancelation. Saturday the shooting star team found out he wasn't going to make it. The moment they knew they passed the info along. I saw the emails, so I know it's true.  He was on the posters.

GAC cancelled on the wednesday before the event. Shooting star had replacements by Thursday afternoon enroute. Those signs in the hallways don't take any time to have printed. I'm certain after the cancellation on Wednesday they modified them and had new ones printed.