ParaCon 2016 Shooting Star Casino




Oct. 7 - 8

Updated 10/9/16

What a great time. Thank you to everyone that came out to see our presentation.

Dates for next year's ParaCon are October 13, 14 2017.

It's a safe assumption there will be a VIP dinner on the 12th



For tickets and if you're Interested in being a Vendor follow this link to find out how.


MPF opens the event Friday Oct. 7. You won't want to miss this one. We have a great location lined up.

Be sure to like our Facebook page to stay updated. Don't forget to select the "get notifications" under the "Like" button

There will be a VIP night on Thursday. Hang out with the stars without the lines. You get a dinner with a bar.

Vendor booths: Open 11am - 6pm
Presenter booths: Open at noon



Paracon 2016 Presentation Schedule: SUBJECT TO CHANGE

10am - (Yours truly!) Midwest Paranormal Files

11:30am - Chris Fleming

1pm - Loren Coleman

2:30pm - The Palmer House

4pm - Amy Allan

5:30pm - Josh Gates

10am - Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

11:30am - Katrina Weidman

1pm - Stanton Friedman

2:30pm - Twin Cities Paranormal Society

4pm - Johnny Zaffis

5:30pm - Ghost Hunters: Grant Wilson, Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Dustin Pari, KJ McCormick

The schedule and the presenters are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please be patient, please be kind.


ParaCon '16 Line up in the booth area: SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Ghost Adventures

     Zac Bagan

     Aaron Goodwin

     Billy Tolley

Ghost Hunters

     Grant Wilson

     Steve Gonsalves

     Dave Tango

     KJ McCormick

     Dustin Pari

Expedition Unknown- Josh Gates

UFO -Stanton Freidman

Haunted Collector -John Zaffis

Paranormal Researcher -Chris Fleming

The Dead Files – Amy Allan

Paranormal Lockdown – Katrina Weidman

Cryptozoology - Loren Coleman

Walking Dead -Michael Cudlitz

Midwest Paranormal Files

SIM- Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

Twin Cities Paranormal Society   A group out of the cities we have been seen with a time or five has been asked to present as well. You may have seen them before. They have been to the past three Cons.

The Palmer House 


We will keep you informed! As we get the information we pass it along right here.

As always the lineup may change. Don't be surprised when last minute cancelations happen. The Shooting Star has always done a great job of finding great talent to replace them.

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for ParaCon 2016. While we at Midwest Paranormal Files are active participants in Paracon, the event organization and talent coordination remains the responsibility of Shooting Star Casino. We are happy to share suggestions and feedback with our contacts and friends in the Event Center staff and planning committee. Paracon continues to grow and change, and we hope this year will be just as fun and informative as years past!


Please bring the following people back, if possible: Grant Wilson, Kris Williams.... These two are favorites with everybody!  Also, please look into Erin Marie Hogan, the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, The Bama boys, Kevin and Randy from Southwest Paranormal.... All those above react and interact so well with the audience both in and out of the hall



Grant Wilson and the Bamako boys if possible. No more failing actors and actresses like erin hogan (no personality). No more Ghost Adventure people since most are arrogant and do not want to interact with people (especially leader (what a fake)). 

That's to bad you had such a negative experience with Zak.. As a lot of UA did not.. He was the one of the only people who sat there for hours upon hours signing autographs and talking to fans. Me and my friends walked around the hall and there was no one else at there booths only them.. Not sure what people were expecting from him .. Must have been along day

Chip Coffey please!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Bring Chip Coffey and Amy Bruni as well.  :)  When will we be able to purchase tickets for this event?  I keep missing it.  Thank you! 

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Tickets generally go on sale in August. The rooms are filling up and can be booked now. Like us on Facebook, set it to notify you of any posts we put up, is the best way NOT to miss it this year.

It would be great to have Stanton Friedman,Travis Walton and Lauren Coleman back again.  And what about Ben Hansen and other UFO people?


Please bring back the ghost adventure crew also think the the ghost brothers would be a great addition

Minnesota's own Psychic Tiff, the best Medium out there hands down! 


Please Please bring back the following: Erin Marie Hogan, Danielle Harris, Erin Ryder, Jael De Pardo, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, John Zaffis, Kane Hodder, Kris Williams, Amy Bruni, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, Dustin Pari, Dave Shrader, Jeff Belanger, Nick Groff, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Rosemary Gulley. Josh Gates.Please bring- Samantha Hawes, Patrick Doyle, Kristen Luman. Katrina from Paranormal Lockdown, Amy Allen and Steve from the Dead Files, The guys from Ghost Asylum, Stanton Friedman, Travis Walton and Lauren Coleman. l Lastly, Devanny Pinn.

I loved John Tenney's presentation.  It would be great if you could get him to come back!


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We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for ParaCon 2016. While we at Midwest Paranormal Files are active participants in Paracon, the event organization and talent coordination remains the responsibility of Shooting Star Casino. We are happy to share suggestions and feedback with our contacts and friends in the Event Center staff and planning committee. Paracon continues to grow and change, and we hope this year will be just as fun and informative as years past!

I was looking forward to attending again this year as to I have been to the last 2 years now but I found out that Dave Schrader, Jeff Belanger ,and the Ghost adventures crew will not be there this year ..seeing as this is truth I will not be attending this year ..I was all but excited for October until I found this out ...very disappointed and sad

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I would wait until the full schedule and list of entertainers comes out and made public. Sometimes they can't say until a certain time if they will be coming or not. Until then leave open the hope.

Zak and the GA boys will be attending this year

Is Zak and crew really coming this year.. Booked off work and booked the trip to come last year then they bailed

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Last year a conflict in their schedule kept them from showing up. After they cancelled Shooting Star was able to bring Loren Coleman, Nick Groff, Linda Blair (who was awesome and took time for everyone) and possibly a couple others. So, to me it was a big trade up. Right now they say they will be there. Guess we will see if they hold true to their word this time.

I agree. I was hoping they would be there as well. Dave Schrader is an excellent MC/Host.

Amy Allan off of The Dead Files would be a great person to bring in.

Hi there,

I spoke with John Tenney in April at The Stanley Hotel and he thought he would be coming?  I also saw Chip there in CO and spoke to him last month again on the phone and he said he'd be surprised if he wasn't there again this year, but he hadn't 'heard anything from them' yet. Said he'd been there all but the 1st year, but his schedule IS filling up fast!  Please get these guys on board - thanks!!

We'ze gotsta bring back yo Mary Guiley yoall.  

Casper the ghost it would be cool to meet.

Dead Elvis.

Star Trek stuff.

Can you try and get the ghost brothers to attend this one... This would be hilarious .. Huge fan

Hoping that ghost adventure crew will be attending this year.. They brought large crowds the year I attended .. Would make the trip for sure if they attended

 Hello all please bring back Chip coffee, Amy Allen and the guys from Ghost adventures (my Fav)!!!!




Please try and get Jael De Pardo back, she is a great person to talk with.

Hey, really hoping ghost adventure crew come this year. Was hoping for them.last year but I guess conflict in their scheduling got in the way. When is the latest that a vendor can back out of coming ? Trying to plan to come but the wife will only go if they are coming .. Also bring back chip he was my fav as well

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They could in theory cancel at any time. Last year it was just weeks before. They did get solid people in to replace them.

Bring in the Warrens or Ralph Sarchie 

Please bring in George Noory from Coast to Coast AM

I would throw this out there...switch venues. I'm sure the shooting star has been good, but maybe a  hotel without 'smoking' rooms?

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As it says above, shooting star puts this together. We don't do the booking of talent. We suggest people, and promote it but that is all. We have been involved since the begining. The other local hotels don't have the room either. I would suggest asking for a smoke free room when booking. Or stay in Detroit Lakes and one of the many options there.

The Guys from Ghost Brothers and Ghost Asylum!!!!

Please please dont let ghost adventure crew cancel this year keeping fingers crossed they stick to their word and come

It looks like no one has backed out yet of this great line up! Fingers crossed everyone scheduled to attend are all still coming !how will we know when a vendor has canceled? Will they be removed from this site ?

This will be my first time attending any Paracon. Here are my suggestions/requests (please!):

Lorraine Warren (or Tony Spera on behalf of the Warrens would be just as great!)

Andrea Perrson (Author of House of Darkness, House of Light - member of the Perron family who lived through the true story of "The Conjuring")

Chip Coffey - LOVE him!

Ryan Buell (Paranormal State)








When will all vendors give confirmation that are for sure coming ?

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Vendors aren't usually listed. Shooting Star handles all the booths. If you are interested in a particular booth or want a vendor list call the casino between 8 and 4 I believe.

I think she was asking when the people in the booths give confirmation they are for sure coming,

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Sadly any of them can and have backed out a week prior to the date. In most cases the Casino gets people to fill those spots.

My teenagers want to attend.  Can I bring them even tho its at a casino?

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The casino is open to all ages. They just can't gamble or go to the bar.

Is ParaCon going to be in any other cities this year? Also I'm having a bit of trouble finding tickets, I'm hoping for 2 VIP ones anywhere in the states. Coming from either Okc, Ok or Dallas, TX. This would be my 1st time attending a Paranormal conference and I couldn't be more excited!!!

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There are a lot of other ParaCon's. Scarefest is around the same weekend, the following one I believe. A simple search will list a lot of choices. Look up Ideal Entertainment, they are the agency behind most of the talent. This one, I am told, is bigger and better than most. People have more access at this event than others. Go to the Shooting Star Casino website and get tickets. The hotel is probably full. Look to nearby Detroit Lakes for rooms.

i was just wondering if children are allowed? my 8 year old is into the paranormal and loves all the syfy shows so i was just seeing if it would be ok to buy him a ticket

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It is very kid friendly. I will be bringing our 10 year old this year as well.


My husband and I have plans to attend (rooms already booked!) but we have 4 small children with us, ages 6 and under.  Youngest is a 2 month old.  Would each child need a ticket?  I know most events don't charge for children of a certain age, especially a baby.  Please let me know.  Thanks!

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You will have to call the ticket office at the casino. If the person that answers doesn't know, ask for someone who does. They should be able to get you an answer.

How much is it to meet the ghost adventures guys?

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The $65 ticket gets you access to everyone. Last time GAC were there they charged for a photo and then autographed it. Unlike the other talent the wouldn't sign anything other than their photo.

Anyway I can buy my tickets at the door, or do I have to purchase online