Celebrating fifty completed investigations!

We are pleased to announce that we have completed FIFTY investigations!  To mark the occasion, we decided to give a little back to our local community.  Throughout the year, we try to keep our schedules open enough to allow for local volunteer opportunities.  Volunteering our time is something we always enjoy, but sometimes there are causes which benefit more from monetary donations.  Local food pantry centers can provide ten meals for every $1 donation!  (Yes, ONE DOLLAR can provide ten meals!)  Our local food pantry, along with their provider network, can purchase about 17 pounds of food for a dollar.  We are proud to announce that we are sending a check for $100.00 to our local food pantry.

MPF Food Pantry Check

While researching food pantry donations, we learned about a few donations items which are helpful to local food banks and we are happy to share this information with our readers:

Protein is a staple in healthy diets and can be provided by canned meats like tuna and chicken and beans.  Also, jars of peanut butter and almond butters are good sources of non-meat proteins. 

Some food distribution centers accept frozen turkeys and hams during the holiday seasons, but not all can accept these items.  Consider donating non-perishable side dishes like boxed stuffing mixes, canned cranberries, or sweet potatoes.

Baby and infant items are also in high demand.  Jars of baby foods, boxes of infant cereal, and cans of formula are all extremely helpful.  Some centers are also able to accept donations of diapers and baby wipes.  (It's best to call your center to make sure.)

Healthy snacks for children can also be donated.  Any healthy snack like granola bars, juice boxes, yogurt cups, or anything non-junk food would be a great donation!

And don't forget condiments!  It's easier to create a meal out of basic supplies when you have condiments like mayo, mustard, ketchup, and other sauces and spices.

Some centers are able to accept personal hygiene products.  Items like toilet tissue, toothpaste, soaps and shampoos, and deodorants which can be a very helpful donation.

Please remember to contact your local food pantry to find out which items they are able to accept - and to find out which types of items they are in most need.  Our information was gathered from our local food pantry, takepart.com , feedingamerica.org , and foodpantries.org .  When in doubt, you can be sure that a monetary donation will be appreciated.

Our local food pantry has several donating opportunities throughout the year.  Donations are collected through events at our local library, in school collecting drives, events at local businesses which offer discounts on services with a donation, musical events in our city park, and a holiday train event (which is my family's favorite event).  If you keep an eye on your own local events, it's simple to make several small donations during the year if one large donation isn't in your budget.

Giving back to our local community is our gesture of thanks for all that our local community provides for us.  Thanks to everyone who helps us continue to keep our team together, motivated, and out doing what we love to do!

(Remember: We do not charge our clients for investigations, our group fund is comprised of our individual monthly team membership dues.)

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