Enjoy the new site

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Welcome Back

We hope you enjoy the new website we put together. The last one along with most of it's contents exploded into cyber dust. We were able to find bits and pieces of it laying about. The rest we had to recreate. The nice thing about doing a complete rebuild is finding all the stuff we overlooked. I'm speaking mostly about the evidence. We found previously unshared EVPs, and consolidated frequently visited cases. Please revisit the locations and discover something new. The other nice thing was to update the website so it was a little more "small screen" friendly. As well as clean it up a bit. We went with a nicer looking layout, and are now able to imbed the youtube videos within the page, Our web developer and some of us memebers have put a lot of time into this so we can keep you up to date with everything MPF.

Check back often. As soon as we get any ParaCon news we post it here. Last year we helped with the Screen Free Week program. We are hoping to be asked to help again. This site and facebook will be the places to find out. Haunted School in Pine Point, MN updates are always fun. Check out instagram for a behind the scene look at what we do.

If there is something you think we could do better please let us know. Use the contact us form found at the bottom of the window.

In the bar at the bottom of your window you will find the "search" bar. Interested in everything Kirkbride, or Pine Point, search it and have everything we have to offer. Comment on those pages if you need more information, or have special insight into a location. Feel free to interact with us as much as you need.

Meet the team, find out why we do this. Contact us directly with an email. This site is as much yours as it is ours. It was created for you.

The most important link is right at the top "Request an Investigation"  This is how you get ahold of us if your curious or are having trouble in your home or business.

We hope you like what you see.