The bumpy Vergas Trails

The bumpy Vergas Trails

We headed out Sunday evening with about eight people to investigate the notorious Vergas Trails.  I am not originally from the area and didn't know they even existed until the last year or so.  I have heard there are just as many urban legends about the trails as there are possibly people who have traversed them.

Stories of the trails are akin to such things as cult activity, disappearing and reappearing cabins, ghost trains even the allusive hairy-man...  People venture out there looking for something to do, some sort of entertainment, maybe a party spot... I really didn't know what to expect going out there.  
What we found heading out there were a bunch of tiny dirt roads riddled with potholes and wash outs.  It was a slow drive...  Although it was a comfortably warm evening and the changing  colors of the trees made the country side beautiful.  This didn't seem to justify the crazy stories I had heard so often.  Part of me was expecting the creepy woods you read about in children's fairytales.  In all reality, this is just another country setting with farms and homesteads.
Throughout the evening we stopped at various locations to do evp sessions and take video and photos.  And although being out in the woods at night can make anyone feel vulnerable, I wasn't creeped out at all.  The only thing that scared me were all the private property and no trespassing signs that were posted.
Maybe there is more than meets the eye out here, maybe I just hadn't stayed long enough... But the hairy-man did not make an appearance for us... All the houses we saw stayed within eye shot as we drove by, and ghost train's whistle never blew.
Maybe next time...


I went out there last night and we pulled up to the cemetery and there was a cult member standing there with s mirror and when we were trying to get out of there the car wouldn't go over 25

Me and some buddies went out there and something hit the bottom of the car and we couldn't go over thirty we watched a deer get shot with an arrow

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