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Area Voices wrote a 4 part series leading up to Halloween. Here are the links and our thoughts on the article. We did take issue with the Kirkbride article in the negative light it was cast in. It is one view of one person and we hope you invest the time to form your own educated view of the building. For more info and links read this

Hillary Sloan wrote a very nice article for Area Voices. She wrote about an investigation we did at the Forum office building in Fargo. This article is part 1 of a 4 part series she is writing leading up to Halloween. We will continue to post all 4 stories here.

Read it here.


This is the second article of the 4 leading up to Halloween. While we have very different views/opinions on the Kirkbride in Fergus Falls, we will share this journalists take on it. She shares two clips from our evidence we have collected. It is far from run down and useless. Engineers have done studies and have said it will stand for another 300 years. Please go visit the building. We love it there.


Number 3 of the 4 articles. We have heard about this location by people each year at ParaCon, and people that llive near there. Each story varied just slightly. This article sets the Pig Farm Murder of Dalton, MN story straight. Also shares a link to a book written about the murder.


The final article takes you to a graveyard. We believe graveyards should be left alone. Let them rest. This journalist says pretty much the same thing in his article where he is accompanied by a medium. Well written and a good approach to investigating a graveyard.

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