8 Channel Digital Video Recorder

We use an 8 channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with IR cameras. They run all night recording video onto a hard drive much like Tivo used at home. The cameras are used to blanket the property to catch any movement, people coming and going, and anything paranormal. We have used the video in conjuction with audio or other video to show that no one has come in or out of an area, that multiple people heard the same thing, and have explained things like shadows as natrual accurences. They are very usefull tools and also the most expensive. With the S.S. Irvin it was almost a neccesity to have 8 cameras going non stop. The flexibility means we can do a better job at each location. However the cameras don't record sound. If you see a video taken with a DVR camera and it has sound, we synced the audio from a Digital Voice Recorder used to capture EVP's with the video.