Midwest Paranormal Files have conducted investigations from Duluth, MN. to Villisca, Iowa, as well as Northern North Dakota. We are based out of Detroit Lakes, MN, and have been doing this since October 2010. The group uses scientific methods when conducting an investigation with audio, photography and video. If you have a location please fill out this form

Save the Kirkbride: New information

Important Update 1-17-2018

The Midwest Paranormal Files group is dedicated to each and every investigation location...One building that is near and dear to us is the old state hospital in Fergus Falls, MN

ParaCon 2018

Save the Dates October 11th (VIP) 12th & 13th

Pine Point 2016 - 2017

This past May we learned that the Old School in Pine Point was going to be torn down, leaving just the circle area. MPF spent one last night walking the old halls and squishy basement floors. That's not all, we also have a couple clips we have been holding onto since October of last year.

Fall Events

We hope to see you at one of the next four events.

ParaCon 2017

October Friday the 13th, and 14th Updated 10/11

KKWE Niijii Radio interview

From the Glass Lady Project Becky talks with Christy, Kelsey and Emily from the Midwest Paranormal Files.

Local business Feb. 19th

A local business is going to shut down a little early and let us in. Staff there have seen full body aperitions, objects have gone missing only to turn up later, and things have fallen.

Private Residence Rescheduled 2/4/17

Well the winter break is over. Let's jump into the new year and help a guy out.


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